Mar 17, 2013

Pop up cards

Someone requested tutorial for this card 
That I make for my babyy :)

But I am so lazy to make it once again
I grab some tutorials of making pop up cards from other blogger :)
Hope you don't mind 

BASIC lesson :)


Now, you’ll measure for your letters, 
so that all the letters are a uniform size. 

  Now you need to sketch in your letters… BACKWARDS. 
It is important that your letters are a mirror image of the actual word, 
so that they will come out right when you flip the paper over 

You can use the picture below as a guide. 
I made the “lines” of my letters half an inch thick, 
and measured them carefully so they would all be very uniform.

Get your craft knife ready, 
because it’s time to cut! 
Remember that the two lines you drew parallel to 
the center fold are FOLD lines, 
and should never be cut. 

Cut all other lines along the edges of the letters, 
without cutting anything fully out except the center of the letter “O”.

white dotted lines showing you where to fold

These folds should be in the opposite direction of the center fold. 
This can be a little tricky; 
be careful not to tear any of the letters.

Once you have folded each of the letters outward, 
then fold the whole thing in half
 (as it will be when the card is closed)
to make clean creases.

Then put adhesive on ONE side of the back. 
 If you are using glue,
 it is essential to avoid “slop” or 
your card may accidentally get stuck together!

Tuck the liner into the card and center it. 
Try to attach things with the card half-folded;
 if it is fully open, the card may later resist closure. 

Press everything down firmly. 
You will need to get your fingers in there, 
to make sure all the small parts are secure.

Then repeat on the other side.
TA-DA Your Valentine is done, 
all ready to present to your sweetie.

There's more designs for your lover .
COME COME have a look .

First one

Paper Weaved Valentines Heart Tutorial

This weaved heart tutorial is from
Here we go:
To make the Valentine holders, 
you will need two pieces of different colored paper.

I used two jumbo 12 x18″ sheets, 
but it also works with regular sheets –
 you will just get a smaller heart.

Fold each paper in half.

 Cut the folded paper in half.

On the unfolded side, 
cut to round the tops – these will become the top of the heart.

On the folded side cut your strips for weaving. 
I used 4 strips and that seemed to be 
a manageable amount for 2 graders. 
Each strip was 1 1/2″ and 
I cut up the piece 6 1/2″. 

Whatever size paper you are using, 
when cutting the length of the strips be sure 
to leave a little bit of wiggle room because 
you will need it to weave in the final strip.

To begin weaving, hold each paper, 
folded side down, at a 90 degree angle.

Starting with the upper strip, 
begin weaving through the strips.
 Just remember “through”.

Once you are you are ready to weave your final strip, 
make sure that all of the other woven strips 
are pushed upwards because 
you are going to need the “wiggle room” 
you allowed for when cutting the strips.

Once the final strip is woven, 
push all of the woven strips down – 
it just looks better.

The final check – open the heart. 
If you did it right, 
your should have a pocket.

The last step is to add a handle. 
You can cut a strip of paper for the handle, 
or use some string. 
I found some cute heart brads,
 so we attached our handles with those.

Second one 
This tutorial is from
 Pixelated popup card

How to

1. Download the popup insert template and print out.
 I used paper but a thin card would probably be OK too. 
Using some scissors trim around the edge of the template.

2. Using a craft knife and ruler cut and score your card. 
See diagram below for more detail.
(If you have a cutting machine then see note at end of post!)

cut along the black lines and score the grey lines.

3. Make the four valley folds as show below 
(thin yellow lines shown in fig. 3).

4. Slowly fold the top of the card inwards and 
the bottom half of the heart should begin to push out. 

(You don’t need to tape it to the table…
I did because I was taking pictures at the same time!)

5. Fold card completely in half and smooth down

6. Make outer card and glue/tape popup insert inside. 
I just used a plain piece of paper which measured 
.5cm x 19cm and then folded it in half.

Third one

This tutorial is from
Boxed geometric love 

Forth one

Cut the straight line and 
fold the dotted line :0 

Mustache ♥

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Thank you :)

Went to SPPK pasar malam last night
I found out new thing at the nail's stall !
Tattoo sticker for ur nails 
Its different with the other stickers
It wont raised up .
Just like ermm... u draw it yourself   :)

First , apply nail polish on your nails
Second, let it completely dry

Here's the instruction
* click the picture to zoom in *

Then , 
Cut it into pieces.
Soap it inside the water.

Rub the paper softly
And the tattoo will separate from it .

How it looks like

Gently apply it on ur nails :)

After that,
Apply TOP COAT  ♥

Repeat the procedure again :)
Isn't it it look like you draw it yourself ? 

Can add some ' bling bling ' to make it look attracting ♥

There's lot of tattoo designs which sell at the stall
Not just only mustache :)

RM 5 for a piece

Mar 10, 2013

Cupcakes ♥

After the post about the food nail arts
Here's the another post about something you can eat
It's cupcakes on ur fingernails :)
I feel like they are eatable . lol

This is the picture I get from GOOGLE.
As the sample :)

First , apply top coat as if you need it
Secondly , apply a layer of shiny nail polish :)
Any colour will do 

Thirdly , apply a bright nail polish on it
Just 1/2 of the nails :)

Let it dry
Next ,
Use another colour of nail polish to draw the line

Something like this :)

You can replace the cherry with some diamonds :) 
Easy and cute
Try it out ! :)

 Here's some other designs of cupcakes nail art
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Thanks ! :) 

Mar 2, 2013

Shingles !

If u cant stand on the disgusting pictures just ignore this post  :) 

I am suffering from shingles more than a week :((
But I am much more better now :)
Chinese called it as ' sang she ' so called ' the snake born '
Shingles (herpes zoster) is a painful, 
blistering skin rash due to the varicella-zoster virus, 
the virus that causes chickenpox.

I wonder why I will get this kind of virus in a sudden ..
It's painful and itchy !

At first ,  it will appear something like this on your skin
It's at my right side front and back part only.
I tot it's bitten by some insects  .
But my parents told me it happened as I eat too much of fried food during cny
Thus , they only ask me drink more water and bath often .
Besides , merely apply salve .

After a few days ,
It become WORST !
Pain and itchy .
You can't even sleep well.
That day , I am at my cousin house
My aunt saw and she told me it might be shingles

As what I know.
If you don't cure it on time , you will die !

So , I quickly get the information from web

Shingles is most common in older adults and people 
who have weak immune systems because of 
stress, injury, certain medicines, or other reasons.
* HAHA ! I am still young ehy ! *

 After you get better from chickenpox, 
the virus "sleeps" (is dormant) in your nerve roots. 
In some people, it stays dormant forever. 

You can't catch shingles from someone else who has shingles.
 But there is a small chance that a person 
with a shingles rash can spread the virus to another person 
who hasn't had chickenpox and 
who hasn't gotten the chickenpox vaccine.

Early signs of shingles include burning or shooting pain and tingling or itching
usually on one side of the body or face. 
*no wonder it just appear on my right side*
The pain can be mild to severe. 
Blisters then form and last from one to 14 days. 
If shingles appears on your face, it may affect your vision or hearing. 
The pain of shingles may last for weeks, 
months or even years after the blisters have healed.

My uncle told me this plant can heal my shingles
Chinese call it as ' 蛇草' snake grass 
I don't know what's the exact English name for this plant

This is the fruit of the plant
Pluck it 

Crumble it
And apply it on my skin .
Few times each day after I bathed . 
I feel pricking
My mum act like a nurse :)
Cut a few pieces of cloth and get some tape
To help me wrap the wound
Change the medicine after a few hours .

 That's how it grow .

Few days later ,
The rash becomes vesicular
forming small blisters filled with a serous exudate.

The painful vesicles eventually become 
cloudy or darkened as they fill with blood, 
crust over within seven to ten days
The crusts fall off and the skin heals .
Just like the SNAKE !!
Super disgusting .

The last picture is the latest one.
I think the skin heal .
* hope so *

Other than applying snake grass,
I take medicine too
Get it from pharmacy 
NAMED - Acyclovir 400 Stada
Four time daily for five days
Every 4 hours once .

This is A.K.A an antiviral drug. 
This drug helps reduce pain, prevent complications, 
and shorten the course of the disease.  

The medications should be started within 72 hours of 
when you first feel pain or burning. 
It is best to start taking them before the blisters appear.

 Further more ,
Cool wet compresses can be used to reduce pain. 
Soothing baths and lotions may help to relieve itching and discomfort.
 Keep the skin clean.  
Do not reuse contaminated items.

 That's what I want to share out with u all :)

Last but  not least ,
A small request .
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Thank you so much :)